Abundance Blueprint

Learn how to identify and change your defective money blueprints and mediocre money identity using my TEBI Formula without using rote boring money affirmations.


Learn how to identify and change your defective money blueprints and mediocre money identity using my TEBI Formula without using rote boring money affirmations.


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Namrata tapped into Abundance Effortlessly ❤️

What Will You Learn in This Workshop

Why are you not able to create your desired life?

4 invisible walls blocking your money flow

How N.L.P helps disslove Money Blocks

Get awareness about your Emotional Blind-Spots responsible for your Low Money Frequency

Learn simple, instant and lasting method for Emotional mastery 

Decode the missing link of communication with the Universe

Get a taste of hard-to-digest and bitter mediocre money identity tests

Understanding 3 Deep Childhood Subconscious Money Blockages you might be completely unaware of

The Reality-bending TEBI Formula created by Mind Coach Jyoti Mehta herself and tried & tested by her lifetime abundant community.

Look What Our Participants Telling About their Amazing Experience and Transformative Results

Akansha became unstoppable and made her family abundant

Sunny transformed his life with abundance

Tina started manifesting miracles

Meetu got the opportunity to become Vice president of Menopause society

Gurpreet manifested the desired job without interview

Neelu suddenly received gold

Who is This For?

If you are experiencing anxiety whenever there is a new opportunity around and ultimately lose it

If you are an employee who feels stagnant and seeks growth but is not able to create it

If you are a businessman or entrepreneur who is tired of figuring out where exactly is the problem

If you are someone who has done enough affirmations and visualizations for money but is not able to manifest it

If you are a parent who doesn't want to pass your failed money programming to your child

If you have made a belief that you cannot make more than the present money

Watch these amazing Success Stories

Sarvodhya received money and manifested job effortlessly

Anup’s blocked money starting flowing in

Sabiya made sudden money

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    If you checked ANY of the boxes above, then you’re invited to join The Transformative "Abundance Blueprint Workshop".

    Watch these Success Stories from Community itself

    What More is there in this FREE Abundance Blueprint Workshop

    Specialized LIVE session of 2 hours

    In Hindi & English Both

    Live Q&A with Mindcoach Jyoti

    Hear it out from the​ participants who attended this workshop

    Vishal acquired a new company

    Priyamvada feeling the abundance efforlessly

    Sagar action taker activated and making his dreams come true

    Manisha programming children for abundance

    Checkout some more Success Stories from Community itself

    If you don’t believe me, just look at the kind of results my students have been getting:

    Girish Kamble

    What an amazing coach Jyoti is. She is just made us laugh with remembering one of our happy moment of life and realized me that we don't need external source to be happy. And that Tiger story to explain the anxiety is just awesome. Now I can imagine how is tiger in my life easily. and I can deal with them easily. Thank you Coach Jyoti.

    Akash Kumar Lohiya

    I have joined two courses, Ultimate Self Mastery and Focus Smackdown, and I have found a good impact on myself. These courses give me the clarity to understand myself better, now I can find the reason for whatever is happening with me, once I can find it, I can manage it. So, the most important thing, I would say, I got is inner harmony, skill of dealing with my mind, now I can come back to my equillibrium in a lesser time, I am transforming. A heartly thankyou to Jyoti Mam.

    Soma Sadhukhan

    Jyoti mam is just rocking. She explains everything superbly. I attended an NLP workshop, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I suggest everyone attend her workshop n course. She explains some unique yet simple techniques to reprogram our mindset that help us to achieve our goals and desires. I am fully satisfied and looking forward to join the full time NLP course. Thank you sooooo much, mam 💕

    Disha Kapila

    I attended 2 days ULTIMATE SELF MASTERY with her and it was mesmerizing. If you wanna understand whether it is for you or not, just spend these 4 hours in 2 days and you'll realize yourself. Some good energy will definitely flow in. Thank you Jyoti for being the best at what you do!

    Soni Mukku

    It was great session of Ms. Jyoti Mehta. I learned personally on how to change my mindset. She is a boon to many learners like us to enrich with her experiences. Please do not miss her sessions.There are many great moments where you can realise where you stand and how to leash true potential.

    Sapna G

    It was really a great session If you want someone really genuine to teach you NLP don’t miss her course. Thank you Jyoti for such a interactive session. Was worth attending.

    Lisha Bhutani

    She is an amazing person. She brings u more closer to ur ownself & makes u acknowledge what are d powers hidden inside u🌸I just love her

    Arshad Ahmed

    It was amazing experience with Jyoti maam. She is like a magician, she disappears stress anxiety and make life a little easier. Jyoti maam has inspired me the most in my life. 💕💕 I have a lots of respect for her.❤️

    Soma Sadhukhan

    Jyoti mam is just rocking.She explains everything superbly.I attended a NLP workshop,I enjoyed it thoroughly. I suggest everyone to attend her workshop n course.She is so friendly and has so much patience. She explains some unique yet simple techniques to reprogram our mindset that help us to achieve our goals and desires..I am fully satisfied and looking forward to join the full time NLP corse.Thank you sooooo much mam 💕

    Mousumi Sarkar

    I feel very lucky to have you as a mentor🙏 Thank you for mentoring me and allowing me to be a part of the community + attend all sessions whenever you're offering them as well as benefit from your various experiences. 🧡I admire all that you do, and I hope to follow in your footsteps. Your leadership has made me strive to fulfill my true potential. I hope in near future I'm able to make a Good Platform of My OWN & Make You Proud 😇 Keep your BLESSINGS ON🤞🤞

    Nichi Raj Kamal

    A must for those who are looking for a balanced life in our day to day life. The instructor is fearless and so straight forward that it made us realise what we had been missing previously. Also no matter what, I haven't seen anyone replying to a plethora of questions even in introductory master classes. hats off to you Jyoti & your Team, Keep growing, keep progressing and influencing the life of people.

    Brij Pal

    Madam has a great knowledge and amazing way of sharing the information. I have attended a class and seriously impressed with the content that she shared. It's seriously amazing.

    Dr.Satish K. Itagi

    Really useful session @ free of cost. It's very needful to fulfill the the agony and missories by the online platform. So We must be thankful.

    Nusrat Zada

    Super amazing Even after the very 1st session, I found myself waking up with smile this morning.

    Priyanka Solanki

    Amazing Coach..... love her nature and the way of explaining <3

    Suraj Singh

    The webinar was simply awesome , highly energetic from start to end , simple to understand, lot of learning , great PPT.

    Pranjal Majumdar

    She is a very powerful trainer and NLP is a very powerful mind tool.

    Amit Arora

    It's an mind blowing mind transforming tool Everybody must go for this Being a doctor this program is highly recommended for all.

    Meet Your Transformation Coach​ Jyoti Mehta

    Jyoti Mehta is an internationally certified life coach who has mastered 11 healing modalities. With a background as a master in mathematics and a master in education, her transformation is a perfect amalgamation of Eastern Wisdom and Western Sciences.

    Her story began when she was a school and college topper. However, when she herself was hit with depression, a lot of anxiety, and panic attacks, that is when she realized the power of mind tools.

    She strongly believes in the power of communities, which is why she leads the Self Masters Community, Smart Thinking Community, and Abundant Community.

    Featured in

    Garishma tapped into Abundance Effortlessly ❤️

    Book the 2 Hours Free Live Workshop Now - DAY 1 FREE

    7th July, Sunday

    07:00PM - 09:00 PM

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Once you register here, you will get the zoom link via Email & WhatsApp Message on the day of webinar. Please check the Spam and Promotions tab in your Inbox if the mail doesn’t land in your Primary tab.

    This 2-Hour workshop will start at 7:30 PM.

    Anyone who is interested in changing their defective money blueprints and mediocre money identity and tap into vibrational match of your dream life and ultimate abundance.

    A learning mindset, your best-self, a notebook & pen to make a lot of notes along with a water bottle.

    This is a live workshop by Jyoti Mehta. So no recordings will be provided.

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