Community Guidelines

Respectful Communication

Candidates must communicate with each other in a respectful manner. Avoid personal attacks, insults, or any language that may be deemed offensive or disrespectful.

No copying of course materials

Members should not share, distribute, or copy any course materials without your explicit permission by Mind Coach Jyoti Mehta. This includes videos, written materials, worksheets, and all the course materials that are provided.

No recording or screen capturing of course content

Members should not record or screen capture any course content, including videos, webinars, or live sessions.

No sharing of login information

Members are not allowed to share their login information with others, including friends or family members as IPs can be tracked.

No reselling or redistributing

Members are not allowed to resell or redistribute any course materials, either in whole or in part.

No plagiarism

Members are not allowed to copy any course materials and present them as their own work. Members should not copy or reproduce any course content in any way that violates our intellectual property rights or the rights of others.

No reverse-engineering

Members are not allowed to reverse-engineer any course materials, including videos, worksheets, or other materials.

No unauthorized use

Members are not allowed to use any course materials for any purpose other than their own personal use, unless explicitly authorized by the course creator.


Members must respect each other’s privacy and keep all personal information confidential. It’s important to establish clear rules around sharing sensitive information to maintain trust within the community.

No Solicitation

Avoid spamming or promoting products or services unless explicitly allowed by the community guidelines. This helps to maintain a safe and respectful space where members can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions without feeling pressured.

Diversity and Inclusion

Members must embrace diversity and inclusion, and be open to different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

No hate speech or harassment

Any form of hate speech or harassment directed towards an individual, Jyoti Mehta’s team members, community members or group is not tolerated. This includes language or behavior that is derogatory or discriminatory based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or other personal characteristics. If more than 1 such complaints received against an individual from the community members or team members, that individual will be removed from the community & the access to courses will be removed.

No spam or self-promotion

Any unsolicited or repetitive messages, promotions, or advertisements are prohibited. Members should not use the community to promote their own products or services unless explicitly allowed by the community guidelines.

No personal attacks

Any form of personal attack, bullying, or aggressive behavior towards another member is not allowed. Members should be respectful of each other’s opinions and beliefs, even if they disagree.

No sharing of illegal content

Any content that is illegal, harmful, or offensive is strictly prohibited. This includes sharing links or files that contain viruses, malware, or other harmful software.

No sharing of personal information

Members should not share their personal information or the personal information of others without their consent. This includes email addresses, phone numbers, or other identifying information.

No trolling or disruptive behavior

Any behavior that disrupts the community or makes it difficult for others to engage in productive conversations is not allowed. This includes trolling, flaming, or deliberately provoking other members.

No violation of intellectual property

Members should respect the intellectual property of others and not share copyrighted materials or trademarks without permission.

No unauthorized access to contact information

Members should not access or attempt to access contact information of other members without their explicit permission.

No sharing of contact information without permission

Members should not share or distribute the contact information of other members without their explicit permission.

No using the contact information from WhatsApp Group for unauthorized purposes

Members are not allowed to use contact information from Jyoti Mehta’s WhatsApp Group. Any member found to be in violation of these rules may be subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion from the community or legal action.

No adding members without their consent

Members should not add new members to the group without their explicit consent.

No selling or trading of contact information

Members are not allowed to sell or trade contact information of other members for profit or personal gain.

No selling of products & services

Members are not allowed to use Jyoti Mehta’s communities to sell their own services & products or consider community data as their lead generation source.


Encourage members to report any violations of these rules to you or the moderators of the group, and take appropriate action to investigate and address any reported violations.

No Leaving The Community WhatsApp Group

Leaving the community WhatsApp group? The member has 15 days to contact us for rejoining in case of some technical glitch (New phone or reinstallation of WhatsApp app). After this grace period, the person will no longer be a part of the community and will need to repurchase the course to regain access. The person will not be entitled to any upgrades done to the course or any benefits given to the community members.

Certifications & Refunds

If someone has been removed from the community, then that person is not eligible for any certificate or refund.

Subscription Renewal Discretion

Upon the successful conclusion of the initial course term, it is hereby agreed that the renewal of the subscription shall be wholly within the discretion of the proprietor, Jyoti Mehta. The decision to effectuate or decline the renewal of the subscription shall rest exclusively with the Proprietor and shall be considered final and irrevocable.

Consequences for violations

Any member found to be in violation of these rules may be subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion from the community or legal action.

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