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Ultimate Self Mastery

Are you ready to take control of your life and harness the power of your mind? Discover the extraordinary potential within you through our immersive workshop on Ultimate Self Mastery with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P).

This transformative experience is designed to equip you with the tools and techniques to revolutionize your personal and professional life. Don’t miss this chance to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

The moment I joined Jyoti Mam’s course, my life is forever transformed. I was someone who was completely depressed, shattered & in victim mindset. And now I am running my own business and free from all negativity & anxiety. I have achieved next-level confidence & a lot of money. I am enrolled in every course of Jyoti Mam and I have only gained success from every course. She is my Guru Maa, my mentor. I am extremely blessed to finally have her as my role model, a mentor who has lit up my path to immense success. I recommend everyone to join Jyoti mam’s course.

Mahima Mujral (Verified Purchaser)

What Will You Get?

What Will You Learn?

Rewire your mindset for success and abundance. Enroll today for the Ultimate Self Mastery Workshop at an unbeatable price of just INR 99!

Jyoti Mehta is an internationally certified life coach who has mastered 11 healing modalities. With a background as a Master in Mathematics and a Master in Education, her transformation is a perfect amalgamation of Eastern Wisdom and Western Sciences.

She’s an Educator turned LIFE COACH who started the journey by first breaking the patterns of fears, failures, stress, depression & anxiety, and then empowering others with easy & effective mind tools to accelerate their transformation journey for their desired life.

“Because these tools were never taught in SCHOOLS.”

This workshop is an attempt that people to know how to handle their stress and tame this powerful horse called Mind.

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Why Join Ultimate Self Mastery Workshop?

At the Ultimate Self Mastery Workshop, we delve deep into the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming to guide you towards personal excellence and empowerment. Our comprehensive curriculum is carefully curated to provide you with actionable insights and practical strategies to:

You're Not The First One

Hear from the previous attendees who have unlocked the doors to a brighter, more empowered future.

15:14 03 Jul 23
Divya SisodiyaDivya Sisodiya
14:33 03 Jul 23
Thank you so much Jyoti ma'am...your hard work is really amazing role play in our daily I take situations way of thinking is changed and wo rakawate jo mre rastee aa rhi thi meri past life childhood trauma wo sbkch ja chuka thank you so much ma'am to be a part of my journey...
14:30 03 Jul 23
Pravin GadekarPravin Gadekar
14:30 03 Jul 23
Rohan SakpalRohan Sakpal
14:29 03 Jul 23
sphurti chatesphurti chate
17:36 23 Jun 23
Herewith sending my written feedback of 21 days special USM , NLP, Abundance Goal Mastery and Habit Mastery, Relationship Mastery and Parenting masteryDear Jyoti MamThankyou for coming into my life and guiding me towards light and awakening in me the hope towards a brighter future. I am indeed grateful to you and Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for teaching me. Due to divine grace I have met you and would like to be in your blessings and kind direction towards achieving my purpose. Looking forward to learn from you lots and be the favourite student of my favourite teacher and make you proud. Thankyou for healing me and guiding me. I wish you a beautiful life ahead filled with God's abundant blessings and success, good health love and all universe blessings and divine grace🙏🏻😊Best Wishes to you and family😇❤️
Akash Kumar LohiyaAkash Kumar Lohiya
07:06 04 May 23
I have joined two courses, Ultimate Self Mastery and Focus Smackdown, and I have found a good impact on myself. These courses give me the clarity to understand myself better, now I can find the reason for whatever is happening with me, once I can find it, I can manage it.So, the most important thing, I would say, I got is inner harmony, skill of dealing with my mind, now I can come back to my equillibrium in a lesser time, I am transforming......A heartly thankyou to Jyoti Mam❤
Rabia ShaikhRabia Shaikh
16:01 21 Mar 23
It's amazing experience, I got lot of self realization. 5 stay if only timing was flexible for live session. Please keep up the good work are doing amazing job!
Surabhi AsthanaSurabhi Asthana
14:57 21 Mar 23
Ultimate self-mastery course is amazing. Jyoti ma'am is a wonderful coach. Grateful to her for her learnings and teachings.

More than 20000 people have attended this workshop and transformed.


Enroll today for the Ultimate Self Mastery Workshop at an unbeatable price of just INR 99! But that’s not all – when you register, you’ll also receive two breakthrough bonuses.


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Seats for this life-changing workshop are limited, and they fill up fast. Don’t miss your chance to embark on this transformative journey towards self-mastery.

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