Learn how to achieve self mastery
& rock-solid confidence With NLP

Without listening to age-old instructions & motivational speeches.

23rd June, Sunday

07:00PM - 09:00 PM



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What will you learn in this workshop?


Difference between information & transformation


Reprogram your Mind With NLP


Why do you lack confidence when you were born with a loud confident screaming voice?


How You Have Created Your Present Pain Of Stress, Depression & Anxiety


Learn 2 simple & efficient Mind Tools to quickly shift towards positive emotions.


How NLP can help you break bad habits and generate good ones?


Get your Self-Image tested.


What is the coding language of your mind i.e. Code Language of your desires?


How can you stop getting easily triggered by people around?

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    Meet Your Transformation Coach​ Jyoti Mehta

    Hi, I’m Jyoti Mehta, Certified NLP Expert

    I’m in the business of creating TRANSFORMATION!

    With more than 12 years of experience in the field of education, I’m an Educator turned LIFE COACH who started the journey by first breaking the patterns of fears, failures, stress, depression & anxiety, and then empowering others with easy & effective mind tools to accelerate their transformation journey for their desired life.

    “Because these tools were never taught in SCHOOLS.”

    This workshop is an attempt that people to know how to handle their stress and tame this powerful horse called Mind.

    The entire idea of “Ultimate Self-Mastery” is incomplete without the knowledge of necessary tools and training which can be passed upon to the next generations.

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    23rd June, Sunday

    07:00PM - 09:00 PM

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